Sunday, 9 October 2011

3D Modeling

Modeling is one of my favorite module. I also enjoy texturing.

Green Dragon - Feb 2013

Concept - Sculpt - Retopo - Render
Photoshop - Zbrush - Topogun - Maya (Mental Ray)

Proxy Soldier (Revamped) - Feb 2013
This is a character I created for my short film Proxy Soldier. Decided to rerender and work on
some of the texture and lighting. Going to post some closer shot and wireframe/AO soon.

Human Male Headbust - JAN 2013
This is a head modelling and texturing practice I am working on at the moment during my free time. Trying out different workflow of Sculpt, Texture and Render in Zbrush, Retopo in Topogun. 

Dragon Girl
A modeling practice of a humanoid. Concept by Jian Guan from Dominance War V.

Robotic Fruit Bowl !

Crazy Old Crate.
Only uses bump map.

Native Girl
Model and render in Maya.
Sculpt and textured in Mudbox - Displacement Map

Car Modeling - Saleen

Environment Modelling, Texturing, Lighting
A Dystopia environment from my short film Proxy Soldier

Denny's Benny
A Tv ad I proposed to Denny's Restaurant. Done all element including the model, rig, texture
and animation. Composited in After Effect.

Denny's Benny from Yeefoong Pang on Vimeo.

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